Times Radio UK – A slow-build acquisition strategy

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Times Radio UK – A slow-build acquisition strategy

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Times Radio UK – A slow-build acquisition strategy
Times Radio launches as an ad-free commercial speech radio service on DAB and online. By extending brand reach, it forms part of the marketing funnel to convert listeners into subscribers
Radio is remarkably resilient for a traditional mass media, and this arrival will complement the strong commercial sector and the mighty Radio 4
Timing will be a revenue challenge, but this bold, cost-effective, intelligently deployed experiment comes as the news industry is most at risk, a welcome innovation for readers and listeners—and for the sector


Extending reach for The Times

The opportunity in radio

How to judge success?

List of charts/tables

Figure 1: Subscribers and pricing for quality newsbrands

Figure 2: The Times & The Sunday Times subscribers (000)

Figure 3: Weekly radio hours by platform, 15+, 2010-20 (bn)

Figure 4: Times Radio launch schedule

Figure 5: National speech radio weekly hours, BBC vs. commercial, 15+ (m)

Figure 6: Comparison of national speech stations

Figure 7: National speech stations share of hours by age and weekly reach, Q1 2020

Figure 8: Weekly reach of radio news and podcast listening by age, 2020 (%)