UK broadband, telephony and pay TV trends Q4 2019 – Shrinking demand, surging supply

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UK broadband, telephony and pay TV trends Q4 2019 – Shrinking demand, surging supply

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UK broadband, telephony and pay TV trends Q4 2019 – Shrinking demand, surging supply
Market revenue growth dipped to below zero in Q4 2019, as pricing pressures bite and smaller players gather share
2020 is off to a challenging start, with new customer pricing dipping down again, and existing customer pricing under regulatory assault
With expensive full fibre networks being built, persuading consumers to pay more for the higher speeds they enable will be key


Executive summary: shrinking demand, surging supply

Broadband and line rental volumes OK, but pay TV continues to drop

Market revenue declines, prospects remain poor

BT suffers most, but all are under pressure

The creeping hoard hits broadband growth…

ARPU watch: resilience for most

New customer pricing takes a dip in the new year

Out-of-contract notifications to hit existing customers

Ultrafast boom still some way off

Existing customer pricing changes: BT hit in Q4 dominates

Q4 2019 trends: broadband growth negligible at the large players

High speed broadband continues to grow

Q4 2019 trends: telephony growth maintained at a low level

Q4 2019 trends: pay TV market continues to drop

Sky and BT’s cross-wholesale of premium sports

Broadband subscribers

Consumer revenue

In/out-of-contract and existing/new customer pricing

Wholesale price control and Openreach’s new discounted pricing

Subscriber and subscriber ARPU growth

Pricing outside the ‘big four’

New customer pricing outside the top four

Summary of recent price rises

List of charts/tables

Market net additions

RGU and subscriber growth

RGU ARPU, volume and revenue growth

Subscriber ARPU, volume, and revenue growth

Average RGU growth by operator

Consumer revenue growth by operator

Broadband net adds (000)

Broadband subscriber growth

Subscriber ARPU growth

RGU ARPU growth

Broadband entry level pricing, new customers (£/month)

Broadband high speed pricing, new customers (£/month)

Contract status of customers by provider

Proportion of revenue at risk if OOC customers switched to ...

Openreach FTTP pricing for selected speed tiers (£/month)

Openreach ultrafast premises passed (%)

Existing customer pricing changes

Broadband organic net adds (000)

Broadband organic subscriber growth

High speed net adds (000)

High speed penetration of broadband bases

Line rental net additions (000)

Line rental subscriber growth

Pay TV net additions (000)

Pay TV subscriber growth

Premium sports monthly pricing and bundles

Broadband subscribers and net adds

Consumer revenue and revenue growth

Unlimited entry level broadband, in/out-of-contract pricing

Unlimited high-speed broadband, in/out-of-contract pricing

Openreach wholesale pricing (£/month, excluding VAT)

Average subscriber growth by operator

Subscriber ARPU growth by operator

Unlimited broadband dual-play, new customer pricing (£/month)

Pricing outside the ‘top 4’(£/month), lowest price available

2020 price rises

2019 price rises

2018 price rises

2017 price rises