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UK display advertising: Sunny uplands in 2021 and 2022


Summary: UK display advertising spend





Radio, out-of-home, cinema

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Tables and Figures

Year-on-year change in advertising spend by media (%)

Change in mobility to retail spaces compared to baseline (%)

Nominal UK private consumption and total display advertising spend (£m)

UK display advertising spend (£m) and year-on-year change (%)

Share of display advertising by media

Quarterly total media ad spend by category (£m)

Absolute year-on-year change in total media ad spend by category (£m)

Cabinet Office and Public Health England ad spend (£m)

Government total and online ad spend (£m)

Online retail sales values projections (£m)

‘How long do you think it will be before your life returns to normal?’ (%)

Total online advertising, UK (£m)

Online platform display* advertising, UK (£m)

Criteo annual revenue growth ($m) (ex-TAC)

Criteo year-on-year revenue growth rate (ex-TAC)

Total TV advertising revenue, 2021 vs 2019 (%)

Share of R/W impacts by advertiser type, 2019-2021 (%)

Channel 4’s digital advertising revenue and share of TAR/viewing, (£m and %), 2017 to 2021

Press display forecast (£m)

Press display ad spend, selected categories

National and regional newspapers print display forecast (£m)

Consumer and business magazines print display forecast (£m)

National and regional newsbrands digital display forecast (£m)

Consumer and business magazines digital display forecast (£m)

Press display advertising (£m)

Radio revenue by type, 2017 to 2022 (£m)

Digital platforms’ share of all radio listening, 2017-21 (%)

Total OOH ad spend by year, £m

Travel to retail in Dec 2020 and 2021 vs a pre-pandemic baseline

UK cinema ad revenue (£m)

UK cinema admissions (m)