Monetising user-generated video

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Monetising user-generated video

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Monetising user-generated video
­­­­Video sharing platforms, like YouTube, Facebook Watch and Twitch, are vying to attract creators with monetisation options such as branded content and user payments
Advertising income, already limited for many small and medium-sized creators, has been undermined by YouTube’s response to brand safety concerns
The new tools come with their own obstacles, but are necessary to keep platforms attractive to video creators


Platforms must keep creators happy

Advertising: not working for all creators

More ways for creators to earn

  • YouTube and Facebook follow Twitch’s lead
  • Branded content marketplaces: not revolutionary
  • Subscriptions: recurring revenue without a paywall
  • Tipping and donations: less is more
  • Merchandise and ecommerce partnerships: capitalising on strong brand equity

Implications and recommendations

List of charts/tables

Figure 1. Monetisation tools by creator revenue share, 2019

Figure 2. Minimum subscriber/follower requirements for monetisation, 2019

Figure 3. Monetisable Twitch creators, 2012-18 (monthly average, 000)

Figure 4. Platforms by monthly active users and daily user watch time, 2018

Figure 5. YT branded content by genre, UK 2018 (campaign views, m)

Figure 6. YT branded content by industry, UK 2018 (campaign views, m)

Figure 7. Creatorrevenue share of subscriptions by platform

Figure 8. Patreon's new business model, 2019