Report Overview

Venture Insights AU survey 2022: Consumer Broadband Preferences



Broadband penetration and RSP shares

Broadband product options

Fixed wireless uptake and intentions

Tables and Figures

Figure 1: Who is your broadband provider?

Figure 3: What is the download speed of your home broadband (choose the option closest to yours)?

Figure 4: How much are you paying for your home broadband?

Figure 5: Would you consider purchasing your home broadband service and your electricity or gas services from a single supplier if it meant you only had a single bill?

Figure 6: How much of a discount would the utility need to offer on your home broadband bill to make such an offer attractive?

Figure 7: There are predictions that rising prices and higher interest rates could reduce your disposable income over the next 12 months. Thinking about how you would save money in this situation, do you think your usage of SVOD video services in the home would

Figure 8: Thinking about this situation, how would this affect your choice of broadband service?

Figure 9: Do you expect to switch home broadband providers?

Figure 10: Reported intention to churn and churn destination (as proportion of total respondents) by RSP

Figure 11: Main reason for thinking about changing home broadband provider

Figure 12: How long have you had this service connected?

Figure 13: Is your service 4G or 5G?

Figure 14: What advantages convinced you to buy fixed wireless? (select all that apply)

Figure 15: In the future, will you take up a fixed wireless home broadband service if it becomes available?

Figure 16: How much cheaper than your home broadband service would a non-NBN fixed wireless connection have to be to make fixed wireless attractive?

Figure 17: What advantages do you think fixed wireless has compared to fixed broadband? (select all that apply)

Figure 18: What disadvantages do you think fixed wireless has compared to fixed broadband? (select all that apply)