Report Overview

Australia Radio Market Outlook: Radio is secure for now, but competition is growing fast

We forecast Australian radio industry advertising revenue to grow at 4.2% CAGR over FY20-24, but it faces a gradual decline in its share of total advertising expenditure share (6.5% in FY20 vs 5.9% in FY24).


Executive Summary

Advertising market forecast (2020-2024)

Streaming radio forecast (2020-2024)

Market composition

Methods of listening

Adjacent markets

Podcasting and Audiobooks


Growth drivers

Future outlook


Advertising revenue by segment (A$m) and AdEx growth (%)

AdEx (A$m) and growth (%) for radio

Streaming vs traditional radio revenue, and streaming share of total radio AdEx

Market composition

Metro broadcast radio ratings 2020 vs 2019

Relative revenue market share for the major commercial players (2020)

Audio sources used in Car

Australian share of Audio (average time spent listening, Mon-Sun I2mn-I2mn, People 10+)

Podcasting awareness in Australia (12+ years)

Online audio streaming services awareness

Podcasting: Key Players

Audiobooks: Key Players

Music: Competitive Dynamics

Australian Recorded Music Revenue, 2017-2019A, A$m

Telstra offers data-free streaming of Apple Music

DVA ownership by country, 2018-2020A (%)

US DVA growth by generation, 2016-2019A (millions)

Share of audio consumed at location, by audio type 2019A, %