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DASHBOARD: Digital infrastructure valuation comps for October 2023

Dashboard containing:

  • Monthly and annual share price movements for main listed stocks
  • Key earnings multiples
  • Forward earnings multiples vs forward growth estimates
  • Share price movements tracked over last twelve months


Key developments

Overall, most listed Digital Infrastructure stocks in the region are up over the last year, but with wide spreads in performance among the group. Economic growth is expected to be sluggish relative to 2022, creating uncertain performance for Digital Infrastructure equities.

DC Two

DC Two’s stock fell 13% in October after the company announced that they are terminating the sale agreement with DComm for the sale of DC Two’s non-core infrastructure assets. The initial sale agreement dated back to February this year.


Chorus’ stock dropped close to 6% this October after a quarterly update which entailed a modest increase in fibre connections and a reduction in fixed line connections. This aligns with the companies strategy of shifting New Zealand households from copper connections to fibre.


NextDC’s stock fell around 5% in October despite any company announcements. The stock has not favoured well with investors since releasing disappointing FY24 guidance in late August, dropping over 10% from a high of $13.80.

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