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Video Entertainment Market Outlook: September 2021


Executive Summary


Premium Pay-TV



Physical Media



Methodology and Definitions

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Figures and Tables

Fig. 1: Video revenues by platform (A$m)

Fig. 2: Video industry revenue forecasts by platform (A$m)

Fig 3: Household spending on video entertainment

Fig. 4: SVOD pricing by platform, 2021 (A$ per month)

Fig 5: Premium Pay-TV forecasts (A$m)

Fig 6: SVOD revenue and pcp growth (A$m, %)

Fig 7: SVOD forecasts (A$m)

Fig 8: Historic and forecast SVOD subscriber market share (%)

Fig 9: Estimated original content spending, 2021 (US$b)

Fig 10: TVOD/EST forecast (A$m)

Fig 11: TVOD/EST revenue mix forecast (%)

Fig 12: Physical Media revenue forecast ($m)

Fig 13: Number of Video Releases on DVD and Blu-Ray

Fig 14: Cinema revenues, FY19 – FY25 (A$m)

Fig 15: Admissions per Capita (2006-2021)