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Top 5 Media Trends in 2020

The 2010s have been an extraordinary decade in media, demonstrating the speed of disruption in the media industry and the need for market participants to constantly innovate to stay relevant and unlock new sources of growth. So, what can we expect to be the top trends to arise in 2020? At first glance, we expect:
1. The SVOD wars to continue to fragment the media industry
2. BVOD will become a centrepiece of the ‘Total TV’ ecosystem
3. Ephemeral social media will see exponentially growing revenue
4. Podcast revenues to grow due to improved infrastructure enabling effective monetisation and a simplified listening experience for greater adoption
5. Pushback against tech giants to create a more level playing field between local and global players
This report explores these trends in greater detail and how they will impact the media landscape.


Key Takeaways


Trend 1: Who will win the SVOD wars?

SVOD market growth is decelerating

Access to great content will separate winners from losers

Trend 2: BVOD becoming the centrepiece for ‘Total TV’

BVOD consumption will continue to grow

Total TV measurements to revitalise the value of TV

Trend 3: Ephemeral Social Media gaining the attention of more than just goldfish

Short-attention spans are disrupting social media marketing

Time is ticking for Facebook to curb the TikTok threat

Trend 4: Podcast monetisation reaches higher highs

Podcast to form a core revenue source for audio players

Infrastructure now set to drive strong podcast growth in 2020

  • Podcast Creation
  • Podcast Discovery
  • Podcast Programmatic Advertising

Trend 5: Opportunity for local digital players to level the playing field against tech giants

Government regulation may help level the local playing field

Tech giants to still dominate the Australian ad market

Bringing it all together

List of charts/tables

Figure 1. Timeline of SVOD platform launches in Australia

Figure 2. SVOD revenue and pcp growth (A$m, %), January 2020

Figure 3. BVOD consumption by calendar half (million hours)

Figure 4. Australian Free-to-air BVOD apps

Figure 5. Facebook and Instagram’s estimated quarterly ad revenue (US$bn)

Figure 6. TikTok is increasing monetisation efforts of its massive global userbase

Figure 7. US podcast total advertising revenue has increased in lockstep with monthly active users

Figure 8. Examples of recent podcast infrastructure developments

Figure 9. Total Australian advertising expenditure (% of Australian advertising spend)